6 Reasons To Bring Fiber To Utah  


If you’ve been following us here at GoFiberUtah you know “the Sixty-Day Clock” is running – it’s decision time. Macquarie completed and presented “Milestone 1”, which gives your city 60 days to decide whether to proceed with a Public-Private Partnership that can change your digital world.


We think you care because the decision affects YOU, your family, your business – broadband has become so essential to our daily lives it is no longer a luxury.

If your city says YES:

  • Macquarie begins raising the capital – without further city debt – to complete and then manage the network for 30 years.
  • Macquarie completes plans and chooses contractors for a 30-month build out of the existing network.
  • Every home and business in your city gets a world class fiber connection and a basic level of service included in the utility fee.
  • The network stays “open access” and finally reaches critical mass for connected homes and businesses.
  • New and existing service providers sign on for the chance to compete for your business.
  • Provider competition pays off for you in the form of lower prices and better service.
  • Once up and running, at a 30% “take rate” means your city gets broadband services second to none anywhere in the world, and enough revenue to eventually service existing debt.

If your city says NO:

  • Existing city debt remains and must be paid from tax revenues.
  • Existing partial network must be closed down or maintained, both of which mean additional costs.
  • Residents continue “getting by,” paying high prices for marginal broadband service.


Take some time on this website. Look through the FAQs, read some of the news items posted, then weigh in. Your city council has to decide this issue soon. Everyone knows the issue is the “utility fee” – is it worth it? Why is it necessary? Should we do it?

If you take some time to study it out and think it through, we think you’ll see the reality of where we stand. We hope you’ll join us in telling your elected representatives, “Go FIBER, Utah!”

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